The day to day running of your company should be your priority.
That's why we offer complete monthly accounting and payroll services – taking care of the little things while you take advantages of Bulgaria's low tax and social security rates.

Save time, enjoy accuracy

It’s no secret that salary processing, taxes and social securities can be complicated and time-consuming – as well as requiring good knowledge of regulatory requirements and changes.

To process the payroll agenda of your employees on a precise and professional level, you will need the services of experienced accountants, who not only know how to navigate the complex landscape, but to do so with your individual business needs in mind.

Regardless of the type and complexity of your organization, we offer you all necessary payroll services for management of administrative processes, related to payroll processing and HR administration.

Everything covered by us, for you

Preparation of labor and civil contracts

To help you acquire and retain employees and contractors for your business in accordance with all local regulation and requirement.

Preparation and submitting of payroll-related declarations

To ensure timely and correct delivery of information to relevant authorities, avoiding late penalties or other issues that may arise from incorrect submissions.

Preparation and execution of salary

Including post processing activities and outputs, archiving and payslip distribution

Social security and tax payments assistance

Submission, management and advice for tax and social security obligations, to safeguard employee rights and business transparency.